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How To Be Better At Among Us? 3 Easy Steps

This indie game has became so popular recently. It’s getting millions of new players every day and even hit the top charts on twitch and it’s 1# trending on youtube. This game is old nearly 2 years, but lately it got a big boom. So here are some best tips and tricks to become better at this game. Starting with:

1. Be Careful

If you’re an imposter, think about everything, don’t forget to look at the cameras and check if they are blinking, to make sure that no one is spying on you. If you are a crewmate, go only with atleast 2 people if possible or alone. That only works, if there is only one impostor. If they are 2 or 3 impostors in the game and you are a crewmate make sure not to walk with anyone else, because you can’t trust anyone else in the game except yourself.

2. Talk

Don’t be that guy that doesn’t really talk in the chat, because he is scared that they will vote him out because he says something wrong. Talk in the chat. For example the best things to say when someone dies is where or who, then they won’t think it’s you, unless it’s really obvious, in that case, throw the blame on the person that saw you, then they will suspect you both and call you sus, but there is a bigger chance that you win if you know more about the game than him. If someone calls an emergency meeting, then type for example WHAT??? or I was doing my tasks, that will also make you less suspicious. Otherwise say, IT’S ORANGE, I saw him in The VENT, or IT’S ORANGE, HE killed GREEN. That will throw you off the charts and they will suspect that it is green and if he doesn’t respond fast or with a good counter explanation, then there is a big chance that they will vote him out, but be careful, if he’s not the imposter, then it will make you more suspicious, so do this only when you know for sure that it is him or her.

3. Enjoy

This game is not just about winning and beating your friends and other players. This game is about having fun and experiencing a new game. This trend will die off soon, so it’s not a game you should master that much, have fun for now, before everyone stops playing it and moves onto another game.